Meaningful impact
- brands, business & lives -


Impact is bold and is not for everyone.

I am passionate about helping brands to make a meaningful impact in today's world. We live in times where consumer's don't want to be sold, they to buy brands that stand for something and play a role in their lives. The new challenge is to find authentic roles for brands so they can earn their place forever in people's lives.

As a framework lover, I more than often find myself creating new ways of thinking to help brands to become more relevant. Find their purpose, own their space in culture, define a clear enemy or create new products, and services. The impact is not about incremental change, it is a belief that transformation happens when brands get out of their comfort zone.


Meaningful Impact. How?


- Consumer & Brand Truth -
Uncovering impact opportunities

Primary research, data and analytics, cultural insight, semiotics, trends and forecasting

- Brand Foundation -
Creating Meaningful Impact

Mission definition, stakeholder engagement, culture change, enemy definitions and brand stewardship

- Brand Growth -
Expanding Brand Impact

Brand, marketing, innovation, new product concepts and audience strategy, co-creation, ideation, growth consulting


Impact from Concept to the Actions.

A Brand Strategist

My entirety is to find new ways to create connections between brands and consumers. As a Global Brand Strategist I learned how to help brand to be consistent and at the same time relevant for local cultures. Always thinking about how to bring the brand purpose to life in a way that will make sense for local cultures.


A Experience Planner

I am responsible for shaping and communicating user experience strategies and design, often serving as the team advisor responsible for defining the overall vision throughout the communication ecosystem.