A problem-solver by nature

Hey you, welcome. My name is Iris Coldibelli, and I build my journey on making a meaningful impact on business, brands, and lives. My career was shaped by my curiosity to understand how technology is changing the way we experience the world and evolving my role every single day. This constant evolution feeds my passion always create innovative ways for brands to be relevant in this new reality. My approach to problem-solving is holistic and agnostic as modern solutions should be. I've applied this belief to guide brands around the globe (South America, Asia, Europe, and the US), touching diverse segments as retail, automotive, technology, financial services, telecom, healthcare, and beauty.

A journey full of adventure, learning and improving around the world.

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My passion is to find new ways to create connections between brands and consumers. As a Global Brand Strategist, I learned how to help brands to be globally consistent and at the same time local relevant, working with lighthouse brands like Chevrolet and MasterCard.


Uncovering what is the next wave in Culture is one of my greatest pleasure. Be continuously connected with what is going on at the Macro level locally and globally feed my curiosity to answers question like "How our society is changing"? What are the new behaviors that shapes lives today and tomorrow?



Design ways for brands to connect to consumers is key to generate meaningful impact, A brand is nothing without the experience that provides for its customers and prospects. Every touchpoint and experience have to be orchestrated to deliver consistent brand purpose.


Understand customer behavior is one of the most fundamental skills of a good strategy. Go beyond the desk research, applying innovative methods to uncover the real insight behind what was not said in any Focus Group. Ethnographic, social listening, and quantitative method to validate hypothesis are my faves.