Brand Purpose, please stop ignoring you need one.

Every time that somebody mentioned in a meeting room: "We need to find a Brand Purpose" angels start to sing in heaven.

But what we need to make clear here is: the Brand Purpose is something really serious that needs to be materialized not just in communication executions but internalized in the company culture. This fact is amplified in the digital era when it is most important to put it in practice instead of just talking about it. Brand Purpose is not just a Brand Promise, it is more a Brand Attitude.

The importance of building a brand on a purpose, not simply a promise, isn’t just to help consumers understand what the brand stands for but, perhaps more critically, to help employees, or associates, as they are called, understand "why we are here".

These days the companies and employees mindset is maybe more important than the products, because they create meaning behind the offer.

 "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"
Simon Sinek

When an employee can answer the question “Why am I here?”, in a positively motivating way, everyone benefits. The product and the service will be molded by this. It is just a consequence of a huge and strong philosophy.

Can you indicate which brands have been demonstrating the most ‘purpose’ in their marketing? World Federation of Advertisers asked this question and here is the answer.

Global Brand Purpose from World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

Iris Coldibelli